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Friday, January 21, 2011

Calm After the Storm

After two years away from My Man and all the Thing 1 drama, he sent me a message on Facebook asking for friendship again. I was reluctant, but I couldn't resist. The year long relationship that I was in collapsed almost overnight. It was just like it was every other time we started talking after a long gap, just picked up where we left off, like nothing had ever happened. Thing 1 was out of the picture, finally. I felt confident that I could have my best friend back without the psycho-ex keeping tabs on him 24/7.

Well, long story short I broke up with my boyfriend, got my old job back, and moved home. 

I went to a psychic randomly with some work friends and she told me that there were two men in my life: one here at home and one far away. She told me their initials. She said the one far away has my heart and the one at home had my mind. I asked her if it was possible for the one at home to have my heart and my mind. She said "Yes, just let him have it."

We started dating soon after that. It was horrible. We didn't know how to date each other, we were friends for crying out loud. Kissing, no thank you. We got the hang of it after awhile, laughing together all the way. After about 6 months or so, we found the perfect apartment in our home town and moved in together. He finished college, I got promoted. 

Moving right along, the next step in any middle America suburban home is to get engaged...stay tuned.

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