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Monday, January 24, 2011

Keep the Date in Mind

December 6th, 2009 inside my head: Yes! I'm totally engaged! My ring is beautiful! Everyone at work is so excited! We are going to wait for a while because we, and by we I mean I, want a big wedding with a big princess dress and all that stuff that girls dream about. I want one or two of each of the things! All the things!

Yeah, you'd hit me with a stick, too, wouldn't you? Stick, rock, umbrella, whatever you could find? Don't fret, this mood only lasted three very short weeks.

We did Christmas with my grand parents who had just redone their kitchen and we spent a good part of the trip talking about how much the remodel really opened up this kitchen. How much more room grandma had now that she finally had a big kitchen. How she was really going to hate that flat top stove cause it takes 45 minutes to boil water. She didn't believe us. Trust me, it's a year later and she's already back to the gas stove. We spent not enough time, I thought, talking about me! My engagement! My plans! All the things! I was excited. 

The only thing that sucked about the Christmas trip is that I was scheduled to get my monthly visitor. But I didn't.  I thought the engagement Gods were smiling down on me and letting me have a weekend with my family without the inconvenience of the rag. It was like a little gift...

Oh, I had a little gift alright. 

By New Year's I knew something was up because I was taking the pill religiously. I was bloated, and my boobs hurt, and I still wasn't getting my monthly friend. I wasn't scared to tell My Man. 

Me: "I'll take a test to confirm it, but I'm knocked up."
My Man: "We're gonna keep it?"
I nodded. 

As I mentioned in my first post, the stick did not turn blue. In this high tech year of 2010, I had purchased a digital read out test. The stick said PREGNANT. 

My Man: "Well, we can't change it, so we might as well get excited." (Another reason to adore him).

I would like to tell you how we told the families now, but I need to give you a reason to come back and read more of my fabulous posts. Since you don't know what I look like (yet), you can't say you come back for my stunning beauty. I'd like to think you do.

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