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Friday, February 11, 2011

Bustling: The Dry Run

My personal attendant was a co-worker and friend. She is a fantastic person with a great sense of humor, animated, kind, generous, excellent work ethic, respectful...all of the above. She had been the most supportive person of my pregnancy other than My Man, and I knew she would be a perfect fit for taking care of me on my wedding day.  

 A few days before the wedding she went with me to pick up the dress from getting tailored. She had to learn how to bustle it.  The tailor that was explaining the bustling process was an extremely skilled Chinese woman who spoke very little English. She was attempting to explain six loops and ties and two buttons. I could tell this process was getting a little lost in translation.

 We work in the hospitality industry. The "back of the house" employees are predominately from Spanish speaking countries. We often spoke Spanglish when asking questions, clarifying orders, and explaining special orders. 

I'm telling you this because my friend kept speaking Spanish when she understood where a loop went. The tailor went in the back to get thread to color code the loops with their corresponding ties. I burst out laughing at this point. My friend asked me what brought that on. Explaining the fact that if the little old Chinese tailor didn't speak English, there was even less of a chance she spoke Spanish had us both doubled over in fits of laughter for a few minutes. 

She got the hang of bustling, I paid for the adjustments, we went to an early dinner and went home. I would call that a good night.  

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