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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daddy's Second Gift

My Man and I took to walking around the mall for exercise. Plus, I could get pretzels! One day he went into Build-A-Bear and came out with a stuffed bunny. He had purchased a bunny for me about a year earlier as the manifestation of an inside joke and a nickname I had of "Bunny-Butt". That bunny was the "Large Bunny". This new stuffed bunny was the mini version. How fitting! He named her Baby Bunny. I was to sleep with her so when the baby played with her it would become the favorite toy. Here is a picture of her modeling a hat I made. I am an avid knitter.

My Man: "This can be my first gift to Squishy!"
Me: "Your first gift was sperm."
My Man: "This can be my second gift to Squishy!"

I was four months pregnant and still having sick days. I was back to working full time. I was planning a wedding. I was growing a tiny human. I was a big multi-tasker.

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