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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Think Target is Haunted

Our second ultrasound was edging closer, but I was still on the fence about finding out if Squishy was a girl or a boy. My Man wanted to know. I did too, but I also wanted to keep my mom happy. She thinks it's one of life's "last surprises" so she was giving me a lot of pressure to keep it a secret. But when the day of the appointment came, I had made up my mind. We were finding out.

Honestly, I shouldn't have told everyone that I was planning on knowing the sex of the baby. I got so much grief at work about it. Suddenly I had 8 work moms telling me about their pregnancies, labors, deliveries, baby stats, hospital stays...I never asked for this wealth of information. Seriously, just because we have both used our uteruses for growing humans does NOT mean I need to know if you pooped during labor. I actually was really well informed about being a preggie since I had the internet, a labor and delivery expert mother, and the greatest pregnancy guide ever written. I wanted to tell them to shut up and work since I was still their boss, but I was a nice preggie. I resorted to the ever present plastered smile as I listened to countless stories and wasted time standing when I really wanted to sit down.

We were going to the same clinic for our ultrasound so I assumed we would have the same annoyingly chatty technician as last time. I was sure to drink plenty of water since she scolded me last time for not having a full bladder.

It was the same technichian, and she ultrasounded the shit out of my uterus. Here is a sample of the results (SPOILER ALERT):

Look, a tiny human!
Look, no penis! 
And there you have it! Squishy is a girl! We told the families via text, which I regret now. I wanted to do something super cute with cupcakes or something, but I was just bursting at the seams. I was literally bursting, I seriously had to pee STAT after that appointment.

We had to go to Target that day, so we headed there after the ultrasound. My Man left me alone with the cart for a minute or two and when he returned someone had mysteriously placed a flowered lamp and pink polka dot rug in the cart.

I think Target is haunted.

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