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Friday, February 4, 2011

At Least the Book is Good

I was feeling pretty awesome after that first ultrasound. I'm growing a person. I can eat pretty much whatever I want and nobody cares because I have to eat for two. My Man bought a book that we referred to a lot. I endorse this book for anyone who is expecting. It was a wealth of information for the whole pregnancy and after. It's called  Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy (cover pictured below). He got it on for a good price. I like it way better than What to Expect When You're Expecting simply because it covers not only what's happening with baby, it covers what's happening to mom also. Do your research, and pick a reference guide that is best for your family during your pregnancy. It can really help to keep your mind at ease every step of the way.

In the next few weeks, My Man and I packed up the apartment to move literally across the hall to a bigger place. It was really nice that I didn't have to pack boxes for car or stair travel. Grocery and garbage bags were fine by me. I wasn't picky, I would organize when I unpacked in the new place. 

Oh, one other thing: I was puking. Constantly.

My sickness started a few days after that first ultrasound. I usually got up for work around 5:30am. I had to adjust that time to 4:45 or 5:00am to allow for barfing. Gross. 

The two worst ailments, in my mind, are aches and nausea. When one is nauseated, one can simply vomit and the feeling goes away. O, ho, not the case when the "one" is a preggie (a woman who is pregnant, I will use this term a lot). I couldn't eat anything. I couldn't drink anything. If I drank water, I would vomit water foam. You try managing a restaurant by yourself for 10 hours whilst crouching over the toilet, dealing with guests, and all the other things! I'm pretty sure that if you work in a restaurant you can't come to work if you're vomiting. I did it anyway. Ugh, it was nuts. My mother had some words. She probably thought they were encouraging, but I didn't take them that way...

Mom: "The sicker you are, the stronger hold the baby has."
Me: "Seriously? This baby could let go a little and be FINE."

I was losing weight. Possibly the only upside to the first trimester and a half of my pregnancy. I was reassured by a nurse at the hospital that the baby takes what it needs from me regardless if I'm eating enough or not. I was given a list of meds and vitamins to take to ease the nausea, none helped. I was sleeping, though. Probably because of lack of food and drink. This whole thing was happening around a full work schedule and packing to move. Then My Man and I started getting questions from our parents about moving up the wedding date. WOW, really? I can't keep water down, I need a supervisor in the bathroom to make sure I don't faint in the shower and you want me to plan a wedding on top of it?!

Well, okay.

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