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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"It's a baby!"

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September 9th, 2010

At or around one in the morning, the midwife came in with the nurse, suited up, and I began pushing. I was informed several times of my strength, my breathing, and my counting.

For those preggies who are thinking of asking "What does labor feel like?" Here is my answer:

It hurts. Whether or not you are numbed from the neck down or whatever, it is going to hurt. I felt like I needed to push or something would go terribly wrong, and pushing as hard as I could made the pain and pressure worse and better at the same time. There is a goal, there is a reward. Keep going. You can do anything for 60 seconds at a time. You are strong. Breathe. Get Squishy. Meet Squishy. One more push. You can do it. Push through the pain. And just like that it was all over. At 3:02 the pain and pressure were instantly gone like they were never there to begin with. The midwife was sitting in front of me, between my spread legs, holding a bloody mass of my baby.

In what seemed like minutes but was really seconds, Squishy became a tangible, physical, real entity on my chest. My first reaction "Oh my god, it's a baby!" I can't explain that reaction, or why I said it. Damn right, it was a baby. My little Squishy.

My head fell back to the pillows as the little thing cried as it was being cleaned. Since we already knew we were having a girl, that part of the birth was not announced to everyone in the room, and I became concerned because I didn't have confirmation on the baby's gender. I kept asking aloud to my husband, to the midwife now delivering the placenta and giving me two stitches if it was indeed a girl. Over and over I asked and nobody answered me. I finally turned to my husband and said "Go over there and tell me if it's a girl." He walked to the other side of the room and took a few pictures, and confirmed that it's a girl. Another surprise...

Nurse: "She has RED hair!"

Sweet. I'm a redhead, and my husband's mom is a full blown ginger. I was hoping for any hair, but a full head of bright red hair, along with the rest of her 8 pound, 6 ounce body came back to the bed wrapped in a blanket large enough for her 22 inch long frame. And in what seemed like seconds that was actually minutes, I held my newborn baby girl.

Since I was showing a slight fever at the end of the labor, my daughter was taken to the nursery for IV antibiotics and a few tests, just as a precaution. This ended up being totally unnecessary, as mother and baby were both in pristine health.

In the 36 hours following her birth, Squishy and I both learned how to breastfeed, the families visited, and I was ravenous. I ate all the food the hospital provided. I spent every minute I could in the nursery holding Squishy. Next to the other babies in the nursery, she looked like a mammoth. I was very happy to be discharged so quickly, we were taking our baby home.

Let the adventure begin...

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  1. You captured the miracle exactly! The pain is totally worth it and that moment when 2 become 3 is indescribable. I was blessed by having this wonderful experience in my life and sharing the moment of FAMILY with my love. So happy for all of you.
    Your ginger mom-in-law!