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Saturday, February 5, 2011

"It's a little squishy..."

My boobs hurt. Sorry, was that a bad start? Well, get over it. I was in a bad first trimester, sick as a dog (a sick dog), working 50+ hours, and all the other bad things. I missed food. I missed not seeing food after I ate it. I don't know which one I missed more. Honestly, puking was so second nature, I could time it out to the minute. I would drink water or eat a cracker and based on what my stomach felt like, I had between 10 and 30 minutes before I hurled.

I spent a lot of time on the couch. For the move, we enlisted the help of my strapping 16 year old twin brothers, my rocket scientist older sister, and my dad. Mom hadn't really come around yet...I was still working on her. We gathered all the grocery and garbage bags, loaded them into shopping carts, and wheeled them down the hall to the new place. I sat on the couch at the new place and dictated where each bag should go. Much of the stuff was placed in the empty "den" that was to be the baby's room later. Out of sight, out of mind. When it was out of sight, there was a much smaller chance of me getting barf on it, too. 

We got the whole move done in one day, and unpacked slowly. My tummy was tender to the touch, and My Man sat next to me and did his best to comfort me. He poked at my belly button and said "It's a little squishy."

Lil Squishy. That is what we will call the baby. From now on, Squishy is the code name for the baby. It's gender neutral. Hey, are we gonna find out what Squishy is? I didn't want to, he did. I was tired that night, we will have this fight another day...

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