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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post-Preggie Regrets

I want to tell you all that I am sorry for not keeping a journal or a log during my pregnancy. I had so many stories, so many great adventures that I would have really enjoyed sharing with you. Alas, I didn't start this blog until late 2010 and everything that I've written so far is in the past.

I'm trying my best to recall the fine details of how everything felt, but honestly, I didn't have the best pregnancy. 

At the end of my second trimester I was still working full time. I know some of you may scoff at this, but I'm a red-headed fair skinned girl, and the Minnesota summers can be sweltering for anyone with my complexion. Well, add a seven month fetus and a full time job in a restaurant's kitchen where sitting down is NOT an option and tell me how you feel after that. 

I was having trouble at work. It really sucked because summer is the busy season. The restaurant I work at is right on the lake, and has a beautiful garden, with a fountain and 20 tables on the patio. It's a busy place to be day or night in the summer. It happened that my slow pace, foggy mind, and tired feet weren't going to take it much longer. I took to working only day shifts and training incoming staff. This gave me hours where I just needed to sit there and talk. As you can plainly see, I am a pro at talking.

I remember I was about 32 weeks when I was driving in for a training session and I started to think "I haven't felt Squishy kick all day." Whenever I had a question about my preggie self, I usually called my mom before the nurse line at the hospital. I had already had one mental breakdown over diet with them and I didn't want to go through that again. I tried my mom but she didn't answer. I called the nurse line and explained my predicament. I think they could sense the fear in my voice, and right as I walked into work, tears looming in my eyes in an unbalanced-hormone-stay-out-of-my-way kind of way, the nurse on the phone recommended that I come to the clinic at the hospital to check the baby. 

I drove safely, trying not to over-analyze what was happening. I'm sure everything is fine. I got to the clinic and the midwife in the office gave me a quick exam and a bottle of water and hooked me up to a machine. I sat there for an hour and tried to get myself into a zen-like state. The midwife came back in and said everything looked a-okay. 

When baby is about 30 weeks, a rapid growth spurt causes the available square footage in the uterus to dwindle. You may feel a slight decrease in fetal movement at this time. If you can't remember the last time your baby kicked, try these things...

Large glass of ice water
Lay on your left side with your feet elevated. Concentrate on your baby, breathe deeply. If one hour passes and you feel no movement, call your healthcare provider.

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