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Friday, February 18, 2011

Stir Crazy Preggie

I was not forced into liking the bows and headbands and things for baby girls to wear. I think, in fact, I know that it was a combination of my friend Anna and a YouTube DIY hair bows video.

My husband and Anna have known each other since high school. Anna and I were introduced during one of the many annual coffee meetings that he scheduled with her when she was in town. She's a good friend of mine. She's the second person I called at one o' clock in the morning when I got engaged. She is a sorority girl. I guess I say sorority girl meaning that she's girly. Maybe a bit more girly than I am. She's wonderful, bubbly, personable, and has seasonal hair colors. Anna would send me links and pictures of baby girls wearing headbands with huge neon flowers clipped on them. I was uneasy at first, but eventually I realized that they were adorable. Anna was ecstatic when I told her I had finally come around on the obscene infant headdresses. 

I found this video on YouTube on how to make bow hair clips. Video by Jessica Shafer

I headed off to Michaels to buy ribbon, clips, and a hot glue gun. After several days of crafting, I had several bow clips to show for it! I also knit. My grandma taught me back in high school and I've been making things ever since. My husband suggested that with all my extra free time, I should come up with one big project to work on, instead of doing thousands of small things. I started a large blanket and got this tiny pink yarn for making a couple intricate hats. Here is the product of my stir crazy preggie days:

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