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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Water Hoarding Against My Will

The word "quick" doesn't exist to a preggie. I applaud the preggies out there doing all the yoga and the belly dancing and all that. I do believe that preggies can be flexible. I'm not talking about fitness here, however. I'm talking about day to day activities that one should be able to do quickly.

"I'll take a quick shower." That's a benign phrase, right? Not to a third trimester preggie. Lugging around the equipment with which to grow a human takes up some space. You get used to your body the way it is when you reach adulthood. Imagine being able to see your feet every single day of your life...then, suddenly...they're gone! Poof! Vanished! Hidden beneath that stretched out, tight, pale, vein covered basketball you have in there. Who knows...maybe the ghost at Target took them. 

I'll tell you one thing I was getting really good at though....retaining water. I could retain the shit out of water. I would drink water and my body would say "Oh, water? Awesome. I need that....for things...Hmm, it seems I'm nearly out of room. Let's see, oh! I know, put it down there at the top of the foot...I see a small space that isn't covered in water yet!" My body was showing obvious signs of hoarding. My ankles, along with my feet, were now missing. My knees were slowly following this trend. 

I had weekly appointments with the midwives. My weight gain was good, a pound here, a pound there. After my body started hoarding water, however, the gloves were off. I gained 7 pounds a week. My midwife wasn't concerned it was food causing this sudden leap up the scale. She said "Just looking at you, I can see where it's going." I could poke the top of my foot and feel water in there. I took to constantly laying down with my feet up. 

That meant no more working. 

My sole purpose at this point was to grow the baby. I tried to walk with my husband every evening as the sun went down, we made it as far as my feet would allow. But as soon as the stitching started to fray on the biggest shoes I owned, we had to turn back home. 

Thank goodness we had Netflix Instant Queue. Queue is a funny word.

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