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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedding on the Fly

When My Man and I got engaged, we thought we would wait a while before getting married. I wanted a big wedding with a big dress and a big honeymoon. When we found out about Squishy, however, I had other thoughts.

I wanted the same last name as my child. I wanted to be one family. I didn't want anyone to think that I had to settle just because I got pregnant. I was engaged BEFORE I got knocked up. Even if it was only for 45 minutes... Also, if we did wait until after the baby, there would be no time to get married. We would have a child, and a different set of priorities.

We started crunching numbers and sharing ideas with our parents. My Man's family supported our choices no matter what, my parents didn't want me to be pressured. I think my mom still wanted me to want the big wedding. Maybe because I'm more girly than my sister, or she wanted to plan it, or any other reasons that a mom would have for anything. You name it, I thought it. I didn't know what her motives were. I had to get tough. I had to lay down the law. I had the final say. *crossed arms and stern preggie face* 

After much deliberation, we decided to plan quickly. Our motto was "One choice, one decision." I didn't want to have to make too many choices. Venue, dress, cake, flowers, tuxes, music, food, minister.

The colors were green and purple. When we walked into the venue, it had green and purple wall paper. They had one opening six weeks from the meeting. They had two spaces in the building so the ceremony and reception could be in the same place. They did food and decoration. The opening was for the day before Mother's Day so the venue was offering huge discounts on renting the space. Normal charges for the two spaces was $3000. They had required liquor and food minimums of $1500 each. They also required a bouncer paid by the hour. All the minimums and bouncer were waived, and they lowered the renting price to $300 for both spaces for the day and night. Uh...duh.


We went across the street to Perkins. Cravings had set in and I was in dire need of pigs in blankets, breakfast potatoes, and french silk pie. I worked at Perkins when I was 16 then summers during college until I was 20. I still had the menu memorized. Yummy. 

I took my sister to David's Bridal one afternoon and picked my dress. I had limited options because of budget, time constraints, but mostly because I was going to be 5 months pregnant on my wedding day. Plus, I was having a sick preggie day. I hadn't showered, no make up, I was pale and tired looking. I tried on 8 dresses and picked the last one. I bought it three sizes too big. I tried on a few veils, picked one. I left with dress, veil, and slippers for exactly what I wanted to spend. Check.

Tuxes from Men's Warehouse. Solid black three button with green vest and tie. Shiny black shoes. Check.

Flowers and cake were easy. We went to the preferred vendors of our venue. Both places were local merchants and award winning. Loved them both. Check.

Photography was going to be done by a friend of My Man's. She's wonderful and her style was just what we were looking for. I loved having someone who knew us taking pictures. Check.

I wanted a DJ over a band. It was cheaper. Another friend from an award winning company. Check.

Food was provided by the venue. It was cooked on site. I wanted a sit down dinner. I wanted some formal aspects to this simple and cost effective wedding. We chose a chicken and a prime rib dish, my dad's favorite salad, mashed potatoes and green beans for sides. Yummy...I mean...Check.

We found our officiant off a certified minister website. We met with her and liked her right away. She sent us a book of options to pretty much build our own ceremony. FUN!!!! Check.

Our officiant recommended a harpist for the ceremony since the wedding was going to be so small. She had worked with him before. We called him up and met with him. I loved his South American spunk and he was really talented. I asked him if he knew Fields of Gold and he looked it up on YouTube and said he would learn it. He also gave me a CD of classical stuff he composed to play to the baby...sweet! Check. Here is a video we found of him before we met...enjoy.

Great, huh? So that was everything. I ordered invitations from a website and was very satisfied. My mom took me shopping for shoes (DSW) and jewelry (Macy's). Did I miss anything?

Oh, right...I had to ask off work. I thought my boss was going to kill me. Mother's Day weekend is one of the busiest weekends of the year. 

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