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Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome Home, Squishy

What's it like bringing baby home?


I remember talking to my nurses and Squishy's nurses trying to coordinate our discharges for 4 o'clock. My mom reminded me to have patience because it can feel like a lot of hurry-up-and-wait when it came to getting discharged. I was discharged half an hour before Squishy. We packed all the belongings in my room and my husband took them to the car then met me at the nursery to pack up Squishy. We signed all the papers and got a car seat tutorial.

Nurse: "If the baby is strapped in correctly, you should be able to hold the seat upside down and she doesn't move at all."
Me: "My baby is not a Dairy Queen blizzard."

I have to tell you that I felt great. I felt nimble. I felt quick. Hell, I could show Jack a thing or two about candlestick jumping. I had lost 30 pounds in three days and I wasn't waddling. So I was pretty offended when it was required that I either ride to the car in a wheel chair or be escorted by an assistant.

However, by the time we were half way to the car I was not feeling well. I forgot that my body had to physically recover from the act of labor. My arms we so sore I couldn't straighten them. I realized the reason why they hurt was because I pulled my legs back with all my strength for two hours during pushing time. My legs were also sore. Not to mention my stitched up lady-parts. I had a very minor tear that required two stitches. I was determined to walk all the way to the car. It's all about the small accomplishments.

I will tell you that the ride home would have been very uncomfortable had it not been for the pillow I was sitting on. I grabbed it last minute on our way to the hospital to help my labor pains. It actually helped me more on the way home.

We were surprised at our apartment with "It's a Girl" and "Welcome New Baby" balloons on the door. I decided to leave them there until they deflated as fair warning to the neighbors that there was a new kid on the block.

My husband and I crossed the threshold to our new life with our new love. She was so tiny, and so asleep in her car seat. He set her down and we looked at each other and smiled.

"Now what?"

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