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Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Guide: The Cold Season

Squishy is a sickie boo. I am a sickie expert mommy. Husband is also a sickie. We are the sickies.

A cold I can deal with, I've had them my whole life...Squish on the other hand...

All of a sudden all the mechanisms that are automatic for her aren't working. Usually, the air goes in her tiny human nose and into her clear lungs, and she could eat, sleep, and play without incident. However, now that her tiny human nose and sinuses are fulled with baby snot, she's learning the technique of breathing through her mouth. Oh, and did I mention?

She's also teething. Yesterday the tiny bump I felt on her gums turned into a sharp white thing. A painful weapon of unknown potential making her even more....unruly. 

This makes our little cherubic (is that a word?) red headed boo extra cranky. Her body seems to be rebelling against her will, and she doesn't even have "will" yet. She hardly knows she's her own person, and her own person is rejecting her. Sad, isn't it?

There is little to nothing you can do for a baby with a cold. I think getting over it on her own helps build immunity. This means no medicines. With a suffering baby, I have to suck it up and take everything in stride. Husband and I have done a few things that seem to help getting her little clogged nose to drain:
  • Little Noses. This is a saline (non-medicated) nasal spray just for baby nostrils. It's saline, so you can use it whenever. Check with your doctor!
  • Steam room. I turn on the shower to super freaking hot and let the bathroom steam up. This helps two things: it clears Squishy's nose, and helps her relax for nap or bed time. 15 minute maximum for tiny humans!
  • Upright. Keeping a baby upright when they have a cold can help the sinuses drain. This may be jumper time, swing time, and holding time. Less tummy time and back time. 
Since Squishy is sick, her appetite has dwindled slightly. In addition, it's really tough for her to take a bottle when she is having trouble breathing out of her nose. She's gone from four 8 oz bottles a day to maybe three bottles taking 3 or 4 oz. at a time. I don't have an issue with this, as long as she has at least 4 wet diapers a day. Hydration is key with a sickie boo. 

Hopefully this cold won't press on much longer, we could all use some relief. 

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