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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Full Time House Manager

Husband has been looking for full time work for over a year. He has two part time jobs, working for a local TV station on the live crew and at a race track in the TV department. He's had these jobs since he was 16 or so, and feels like he's in a rut. Well....


Through the magic of networking and random people and emails, he landed a meeting with the boss of a marketing firm. Well, the meeting turned out to be an interview. That turned into a second interview. That turned into an offer! We were both so happy and excited. 

Both Husband and I have not had "normal jobs". Working in the hospitality industry since I was 16, and him working in TV for just as long means no free holidays, weekends, or regular business hours. In our lines of work, weekends and holidays are the busiest times, and hours range from 6 AM starts to 3 AM finishes. We spent the first two summers of our relationship not seeing each other Thursdays-Sundays. 

It's really strange when he comes home at 6 PM, when I'm used to going to bed alone when he's working. Now that he's gone 6 days a week (and home 7 nights), I have the newly minted job title of "House Manager"

I'm in charge of keeping the house. Baby, kitchen, laundry, shopping, cooking. I don't like the title of Stay at Home Mom. I rarely stay at home. There are things to be done, and I have to leave the house to do them! 

I've been making menus, and shopping accordingly. We've been sick this week, so it's sort of feed yourself when you're hungry. Plus I don't want to take Squishy out in the cold when she's already not feeling well. 

I will be posting my good recipes and pictures of the food when I find something tasty. Also, I'll be making most of Squishy's food. 

Stay tuned...

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