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Friday, April 8, 2011

Expert Mommy Cooking

I love cooking. I love baking. I can boil water, brew coffee, chop, dice, simmer, steam, and everything in between. I have a diverse palate. I'm not trying to sound gourmet or anything; I have a point.

I will try almost any food. Husband will not.

He eats, for sure. He likes pizza, candy, dessert, bread. But do you know a picky eater? He's pickier. I've known him for ten years, I've dated him, I've lived with him, I married him. This whole time and I'm still learning how to cook for him. 

He has come a long way. When I started cooking for him, there were complicated rules along with the endless list of foods he had either never tried or didn't like. Examples:
  • No beef
  • No deli meat
  • No fish
  • No cheese other than American
  • Nothing pickled
  • No condiments 
  • No seasonings that can be seen (oregano, rosemary) 
  • No sauces
  • No foods touching (juice from cooked meat leaking into potatoes)
  • No mixed meals (like ingredients mixed on the same plate)
  • No real butter (Butter flavored spread only)
That was a small portion of the list of requirements. Over the last four years of our relationship, I've introduced new flavors and seasonings one at a time. I've also re-introduced foods that he thought he didn't like, such as steak. I made a sirloin on the George Foreman grill and he loved it. I'm also very honest about what things taste like. I wanted him to trust that I wasn't going to trick him into eating something I knew he wouldn't like. He's not a little kid. Sometimes when there is a new item in front of him that someone is telling him to try, he'll look to me. I'll tell him if he won't like it (it meets a taboo flavor requirement, like pickles), if he'll like it, or if I'm not sure, he should taste a little bit and see.

So now that I'm a full time house manager, I really want to branch out on the food spectrum. I want to try new things. I also don't want to waste food or money on someone who I know isn't going to eat it. Balancing Husband's flavor requirements with my adventurous taste for cuisine is going to be a challenge. Let's see how we stack up.

This is going to be fun...

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