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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Minnesota Nice, Mostly

I talk about Minnesota a lot in this blog. Minnesota is a big part of my life, seeing that I was born here. I was a trick-or-treater in "The Great Halloween Blizzard of 1991". I have that "Minnesota Nice" in me. I know how to say Mahtomedi, Wayzata, and Shakopee (I even know how to get there). Blogger is obviously not from Minnesota, beacuase it just told me via the squiggly red lines that I can't spell any of those cities' names.

I have always loved Minnesota. Husband is also a pure-bred Minnesotan. Ever since Squishy was born, we both planned to stay in Minnesota for as long as possible. Our families are here, jobs are here, and Target is right down the street. Gotta love that, right? You betcha!

We do have several pot holes, though. Oh, and road construction. And long winters. But everywhere has it's fair share of "You know you're from             when" lists. Here's what happens when you put a seasoned Minnesotan in a room full of...non-Minnesotans:

I went to an out-of-state school for a little over a year after high school. I was once asked by a guy if we had wild polar bears in Minnesota. I attempted to brush off this little stab at my heritage, being the only non-hick in the room. Then I looked at his face and realized he was seriously asking me. See, he worked for UPS at the time. He told me that he sent several packages to and from a place in Minnesota called White Bear Lake. I centered myself. I wanted to see how far I could take this before I either got called out, or just melted into hysterical laughter... and with the average I.Q. in this group dropping by the second, my guess was it would be the latter. 

Me: "Only for about a month, because of their migratory patterns, hibernation, mating. You know, things like that. But sometimes you will see them in heavily wooded areas. They like to stay away from roads."

They lapped it up. I sounded like I knew exactly what I was talking about. I also used big words like "migratory" and "wooded". I took it one step further and said that if you had a big yard with lots of trees you could put out a few salt licks and they would come right up to your house. I looked around at my captive audience, all staring at me with bewilderment, amazement, and other synonyms for "shocked" on their faces. This story only worked because these COLLEGE STUDENTS were not from "the North", and quite possibly had never taken a geography lesson, or read a 2nd grade book about polar bears. Also that I am very convincing in my story telling when I want to be. I almost got to the part where my family took a dog sled to the local merchant tribe for fur-lined moose hide gloves to protect us from the elements. Why a local merchant? Because Target was out.

Yes, I did set the record straight. Eventually. 

I should write a thank you note to the Mayor of White Bear Lake for that stunningly entertaining evening.

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