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Monday, April 25, 2011

Walking with Squishy

All winter long, Minnesotans sit inside on those super cold and windy days. We watch storms, shovel, and wear sweaters, and knit scarves. We get colds, flus, and dry skin and static hair. We wait...until geese come back. Then we look outside and say:

Spring, is that you? 

Indeed. Spring is here. I'm thrilled. We had some mishaps the last couple weeks, but now I think it's really going to stay. Last year I was a preggie, and very sick during this time. Then I was planning a wedding. I had very little time to enjoy this season last year. By the time summer rolled around, I was getting pretty big and uncomfortable. Squishy was born just as the leaves were turning. Then the long harsh winter. She stayed inside for the first 6 months of her life. She loves looking outside at the weather, the town homes across the street, the cars driving past, and the people on the sidewalks. Well, a few days ago, I broke out the stroller and we joined them! 

Squishy was fascinated with what we call "the outside". We walked around the neighborhood and ended up at the park a few blocks away. She had her first swing ride. She kept pursing her lips and saying "hmm hmm hmm" at everything. I think that directly translates to "Mommy! We're outside, did you know? This is awesome, I love it. Let's be outside forever!" 

Once we got home she was so happy and energetic! I really think the fresh air put a quarter in her. 

Minnesotans do not take this season for granted, that is for sure. We will definitely be walking every day. To track our walks, and for some personal motivation, I put a new Widget on Expert Mommy! From DailyMile, I can document each walk, our mood, and where we went. You can find this on the right sidebar! 

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