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Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Guide: Buying Used Baby Clothes

I recently went to a friend's baby shower. She's a first time preggie, and loving every minute of it. I went to Babies R Us to print her registry and buy something for her baby. She was registered for 31 items or so, one of which was washcloths that cost $15.00. Another was a two piece outfit that cost $24.00. I felt physical pain purchasing a set of pajamas that would fit the kid for about 45 minutes. That reminded me of my preggie shopping sprees...On Craig's List! I will now share the glory that is Craig's List shopping...

I have done two Craig's List searches for baby clothes or products. The first was when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I was having more good days than sick days. More importantly, I had just found out that Squishy was a girl! I wanted to go shopping right away. Due to lack of $1,000 for baby clothes and other items, I took to the internet. Within an hour I was in a parking lot ten minutes away from the apartment picking and choosing all kinds of baby girl clothes from three huge bins in a young mommy's van. I came home with 98 onesies, 24 PJs, 9 dresses or outfits, hats and socks galore, and 12 pairs of pants, and a snowsuit all between the sizes of newborn-6 month. I paid $60.00. I was so proud that I put all the clothes on the floor in categories to show Husband when he got home.

Holy clothes pile, batman!
I did another Craig's List bulk purchase around New Years. I got eight 13 gallon garbage bags of clothes for $40.00. This was a "must take all" sale, and required a lot of sorting. It took my sister and I four hours to go through everything. We ended up throwing out two bags worth of stuff, and donating three bags worth. I scored some name brand dresses, holiday wear, and most of it was exactly the size I needed. One dress still had the tag on it, worth $50.00.

There are four things to remember when you're buying second hand baby clothes...

  1. Confirm that the clothes come from a pet free, smoke free home. Wash them right away in hot water and Dreft or baby detergent.
  2. Buying used means you'll get your money's worth. So don't feel guilty not keeping everything, or donating some right after you buy it. Just remember that a 5 pack of Carter's onesies cost $12.00-$24.00.
  3. Since you're getting these items for so cheap, you are less likely to feel obligated to get your money back when you're done using the clothes. Feel free to gift things to other preggies, or donating to Red Cross or Goodwill. Since Squishy is my first, I kept my favorite items for the next baby should it be a girl. But the rest I've donated.
  4. Baby clothes are almost guaranteed gently used. Babies grow fast, and often wear items only once or twice. If something looks old or heavily used, just put it in the donate pile or don't buy it.

I do supplement squishy's second hand wardrobe with new items, a pack of onesies in the size she needs, PJs in the next size up, or a random holiday outfit. Since I spend so little on clothes for her, when it comes to getting her something nice or new I don't feel bad about it at all.

So go ahead, expert mommy! Don't be afraid of a good Craig's List haul! The mommies selling this stuff are so grateful, it's cheap and easy, and most's so much fun! Here is Squishy modeling my two favorite items. I'll be sad when they don't fit her anymore...

The Cupcake Hoodie...priceless. 
Denim overalls. Irresistible cuteness included. 


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