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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ode to Squishy

3 AM, sweaty, tired.
Is it supposed to hurt this much?
One more push, and there you were.
Welcome, Squishy, it's been 17 hours
Since you decided it was time to meet me.

You burst into my world with
10 fingers, 10 toes.
Dark blue eyes, tiny little nose.
Bigger than we'd all thought you'd be.
With bright red hair, a surprise to me.

Coming home with you in tow.
Walking in the door was like crossing the
 Threshold into a new existence.
Now what?

Sleep, cry, poop
Sleep, cry, poop.

So tiny, so perfect.
My double-scoop.
No play, no sex, no sleep. 
I sit for hours just looking at you. 
You're my life, my all.

You are all firsts:
First smile,
First reach, 
First roll, 
First laugh. 
Discovery should be your middle name.

I didn't know
It was possible
To love someone this much.
All my wants, my needs, Come second to yours.
They all say having a kid requires sacrifice and compromise.
I say it takes adjustments.

You make my life difficult.
You make my life wonderful.
I will never wish for a world
Where you're not with me. 

I haven't showered in 96 hours.
I forgot to eat yesterday.
I'm wearing sweatpants today,
And I'll wear them tomorrow.
I don't look like a celebrity.
I don't look like the cover of a magazine.
I have stretch marks and strong arms.
I'm a mom.

Happy Mother's Day

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