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Friday, May 27, 2011

Too Big, Too Small, Just Right

This post is pretty much about me getting prepared to get dressed up, which I haven't done in quite some time.

I'm getting on a plane and going to Philadelphia in a little over a week to attend a wedding with my sister.

Since my new job of House Manager was invented and implemented, I have been wearing jeans and tee shirts. Usually Husband's tee shirts. And flip flops. I used to have a fast plethora of shoes to choose from, but thanks to Squishy, my feet have outgrown nearly every single pair. I hate that my feet grew half a size because of my pregnancy. I mean, I spent all that time, years of my life, perfecting my shoe collection. I have over 100 pairs. After Squishy was born, hardly any of them fit anymore!!!

Apart from shoes, I would regrettably have to find a dress as well. I thought I could wear one of the dresses I already owned, but alas for they were either a little too small or not "dressy" enough for this soiree. I tried on dresses that I have had for a while to a lot of groaning and moping around. It sucks that I'm not the same size I was when I was 19 years old, I'm one size bigger. I was depressed. I was also depressed at my boobs. They don't look the same and when I tried on my pre-pregnancy dresses they looked totally gross. Needless to say I had a mini melt down about my body. I haven't had the need to look nice until now, and I was freaking out a little bit at my lack of self esteem.

My sister offered me an old staple of hers: The Little Black Dress. It was a size 8, so my first reaction was something like "Dream on, that will never fit me." I may have even been a little angry at the simple fact that she knew I wasn't a size 8 and she was forcing me to try this dress on.

Well, Shut the Front Door! It fit. Not only did it fit, it was wonderful. A classic black halter A-line dress. It covered everything that needed covering. Except for my bra straps. Okay, I can go bra/shoe shopping. That might be fun!

We got to Victoria's Secret and I wasn't messing around. I asked the sales lady "I need to be measured, and I need a halter bra" I was instantly brought to a changing room and with some tweaks and tries, I found out that I haven't been wearing the right size bra since Squishy was born! I thought I was a 38D when it turns out I should have been wearing a 36DD.

Honestly? I almost cried at the comfort of the bra I bought. I didn't know that I could have nice looking boobies. But there they were, cuddled together in shear harmony. It's as if they were saying "Please parade us around; we finally feel sexy again."

I got a great pair of black leather sling backs from Sofft. If you don't know Sofft, you should. They are the most comfortable heels ever.

When I got home, I put the whole ensemble together. It was like magic.

So maybe it's not that my body is ugly, it's just different now. My weight is distributed differently, my curves are more curvy. I still have a pretty nice shape. My skin is soft and my acne is pretty well controlled right now. I just needed to find some elements that fit better. My boobs are different and I think they are going to stay that way until I have another baby. I am not dreading going to this wedding anymore. My purchases today were strategic and wonderful, and it turned out to be a good mood day for me.

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