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Monday, May 9, 2011

Word of the Day:


[puh-ten-shuhl]–adj. capable of being or becoming

Life is sometimes like those create your own mystery books, only you can't look ahead to see where each choice will take you. It's even harder when you have a little one you're accountable for. Tasks that were seemingly mundane before the baby are suddenly jam packed with potentialEvery outing can to turn into a disaster, or some great adventure. On this particular day, Squishy and I were to meet friends at the mall and go to the grocery store. Then later, I was meeting a girlfriend for drinks. A nice, fun, smooth day. Full of that magic word: Potential. 

Squishy woke up an hour and a half early. I trudged into her room half asleep with a fresh bottle, wondering what caused this insane early rise. She looked at me, confused, like it was my fault she was awake at this god forsaken hour. I think she only woke up because she had once again realized that she couldn't crawl yet. She chomped away at the bottle giving me the stink eye (she was apparently still blaming me for waking her) as I changed her diaper in the dark. I gingerly placed her back in her crib, willing with special mommy powers for her to go back to sleep. Thankfully, she did. 

I slept for another hour knowing Squishy would sleep in after having an early breakfast. I decided to take a nice long shower before she woke up for the day. I took time to shave my legs (a rarity since winter lasted so freaking long), wash my hair twice, I even broke into song a few times!

It was raining, did I mention that before? *Scrolls up* No, I didn't. Okay, it was raining. Not a light humid the-birds-are-chirping-and-the-sun is-out rain, either. It was pouring. It was also cold and windy. I was wearing jersey capris with shaved legs. I didn't change into jeans. Maybe that was the mistake that hurtled my day into disarray. I bundled Squishy with blankets while she was battered with rain pellets that had the big potential to turn into "wintery mix" at any moment. Good thing I had done my hair curly, the rain and wind actually make it look better. Sexy and wild, even. 

We got to the mall at 11:00, ready to meet my two mommy friends for our weekly "walk and talk"...

11:10 Nobody's here
11:15 Text from one friend "I'll be late"
11:25 I text the other friend to see where she is. 
11:30 Reply "OMG!!!! I thought you said noon?????" No. I did not say noon. It was your idea to meet at 11:00.

So it seemed like Squishy and I had some time to kill before our friends arrived. This had some potential. Squishy loves the mall. There are people to watch, and shiny things to look at. Also fountains. Squishy loves a good mall fountain. I think the day she realizes that throwing a coin and making a wish is fun will be the day my bag of spare change gets a lot lighter. Or goes missing altogether. 

By noon my two friends had arrived and we chatted for a while. It's always nice to see friends, especially since it was so dreary outside. It was around 1:30 when Squishy decided that it was time to GTFO. She was getting squirmy and cranky, and needed a nap pronto. I was sure that if she took a cat nap in the car on the way to the grocery store, everything would be fine. 

Well, she didn't sleep in the car. Everything was not fine. Plus it was still raining. So there I was, in jersey capris taking deep, centering breaths trying to decide whether or not to do the grocery run. On the one side, I have gotten really good at fast shopping, my list is written in exactly the order in which they are displayed in the store. If I focus, I can be in and out in 45 minutes. On the other hand, I had a ticking time bomb for a shopping companion. If Squishy didn't get to a bed soon, she was going to explode. It could potentially be alright, or potentially suck. I decided to get the groceries.

I got the cart with the baby bucket seat to give Squishy some napping potential. I stopped in the restroom to change her and make an "in case" bottle so I would be prepared for an emergency baby soothing situation. As I have said before, I have no problem with abandoning my cart and take her home if she demanded. But once I hit the check out lane, I'm locked in. 

I shopped fast. I followed my list exactly. I was a lean, mean, expert mommy machine. I filled the cart, kept Squishy entertained and sort of calm. The checkout lane was there, it was in my sight line. Then...


The bomb went off. Squishy was no longer cute and cuddly. She was an angry, red faced, mother-hating creature with a look on her face like I was deep frying her alive (which I wasn't). The high pitched shrapnel-like screams would undoubtedly bring pterodactyls swooping in at any moment. I was so close. I could have made it stop by just abandoning my cart and taking her home. But I decided to soldier through it and check out. 

Quick was the name of the game. I found an empty isle with an experienced looking cashier. Score. I used the deafening shrieks as motivation to go faster. I arranged my groceries on the conveyor belt in a way that would create maximum ease for bagging at the other end. I spoke soothingly to Squishy to no avail while I efficiently sorted and bagged my items. I was offered help by a bagging boy. I dismissed him. He would no doubt be slow and only fill the bags half way, making me find another cart. No way! The lady next in line offered to hold Squishy while I seamlessly carted one full bag and opened another in one fell swoop. I rolled my eyes to myself knowing that her intentions were good, but also knowing my baby all too well. Without stopping I told her that Squishy was just tired and a complete stranger picking her up and attempting motherly comfort would only make matters worse. I held my debit card and keys in my mouth awaiting my total, wanting a fast getaway. The cashier then asked me, loudly, if I would like someone to watch my baby and cart while I pulled the car up since it was still raining. Are you nuts?! Do you honestly think that she would be any calmer if I suddenly left her there alone with a stranger? Also, I'm not making the patrons of this store endure my baby's longing for sleep a moment more than I had to. 

I rolled out of the store and back into the rain. I covered Squishy's face, now the color of pickled beets, with a blanket to avoid the rain. I ran to my car and fastened her in. She was asleep almost instantly. I slowed my roll, and took some deep, centering breaths. I was snapped back to reality when the wintery mix hit me in the eyeball. I got in my car and sped off toward home. 

I was so drained that I didn't even want to meet my friend for drinks anymore. But just because the baby was crying at the store is no excuse. Meeting my friend for drinks was potentially going to be the best part of my day. 

When Husband got home I left to meet my friend at a chain pizza place. I sat at the host stand waiting. She said between 6:45 and 7:00, it was 6:48. By 7:30, I had gone through all the horrible things that potentially could have happened to my friend on the way to our meeting. The hosts were giving me shifty glances, wondering if I was a vagabond, or simply a crazy person thinking this was a bus stop or something. Since my friend wasn't responding to digital attempts at communication, I called Husband. He told me that I had moved this meeting to Thursday, not Tuesday. Crap. Distressed, I got up and walked outside. The wind hit my shaved legs and I was struck with shivers and the sudden need for Cold Stone ice cream, which was practically next door to the pizza place.

I walked into the Cold Stone taking a deep, centering breath. Ice cream, now that had potential.....

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