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Monday, July 25, 2011

Suck It Up

I decided to make a few minor changes to living life in the suburbs. As my friends have taught me, it's not always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes your baby is sick and you have to step up and live in a hospital for months. Sometimes you crash your car and die when you're only 23.

So I think it's not too much to ask of myself to smile a bit more. Try a bit harder. Not sugar-coated? Quit bitching and get on with it. I have support and love in my life from every angle. I have no enemies. I'm not faced with adversity. The biggest challenges I tend to have these days are "Which aged cheddar do I buy this week?" or "I have 4 whole loads of laundry to do." 

Then 96 people get dead in Norway, 80+ being children. So yeah, I can suck it up and do things like laundry and dishes. My baby is healthy and my family is wonderful. It is in that spirit that I have a couple things to talk about in this post...

I mentioned that I was accepted to school! I enrolled in 15 credits (sounds like a lot) toward a Communication Studies degree. I'm still waiting for some logistics like financial aid and a book list, but I'm really looking forward to getting some work done. Right now my weekly schedule is wide open and my day to day activities depend on Squishy's level of tolerance. Having this school commitment three times a week (plus online time) will be really good for me. Now that I think about it, it will be good for everyone. Our tendency to be procrastinators will have to be hip-checked. 

I spoke a while ago about wanting better habits and wanting to feel better. I was on the right track for a while but as always, it just sort of tapered off. After a long talk with Husband about support and wanting to make better choices, I started again with a renewed sense of vigor. I added a few new tools: My Fitness Pal (a wonderful online community for counting calories and logging exercise), actual exercise, and Kashi foods. 

I tried Kashi's frozen meals in the past and they have been lacking or worse. However, I've given Kashi a second chance and they have come through for me with flying colors. Soft baked cookies, cereal, whole grain crackers, and snack bars are all so delicious and while I don't live on these foods they are healthy choices that I love making! 

I'm down 12 pounds (Took 4 weeks) and I'm feeling a lot better. One of my favorite things about making better choices is buying produce. Filling my cart with fresh fruits and veggies like a boss is strangely satisfying.

I found a documentary on Netflix Instant Queue called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I watched it. I liked it. I won't give you a long synopsis but it was pretty much an overweight guy doing a 60 day juice diet. Obviously, he lost a bunch of weight and re-did his whole life. Good for him. 

I went on the website and read all about juice cleanses. After an hour of reading this and other sites supporting (and not) this Reboot program, I decided I wanted to think about trying it. 

I already eat healthy. I exercise. I love fresh produce. I took the assessment quiz and was matched with a 15 day Reboot which entails eating raw and cooked fruits and veggies and juices made from fresh fruits and veggies. So that starts August 1st and I'll have lots to talk about during that time.  

So my wonderful readers (all 37 of you), you can expect lots of new topics from Expert Mommy in the near future. It's no longer laundry and grocery store trips for me. Oh, and Squishy is turning one in just over a month!!!!

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