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Friday, August 19, 2011

Manifest Destiny: Baby-Style

Squishy is now in the "Move and Shaker" category. It's funny to think that we used to be able to just set her down anywhere and she'd just...stay there. For the first couple months she occupied a 1x2 foot space next to the coffee table.

Nowadays, even though I clean up all the baby things every night (almost), by the middle of the next day it looks like Hurricane Squishy has come through the apartment. I thought this place was my turf, I spent so much time, money, and effort to make it my home, and it no longer belongs to me. All 900 square feet are Squishy's domain. I do attempt to keep her in the living area or her room. However, this has been proving difficult the last few weeks since she has recently taken to stretching her legs and testing her boundaries.

When she gets the rare chances to sneak off to the master bedroom or bathroom on her own it's like going 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea!

"What's this?! New, uncharted baby territory? Mom, come quick! I've found more stuff! I shall name it: Squishyville."

She's really grasped that "can do" American spirit and her own tiny tiny version of Manifest Destiny. Let's just say the Baby Is Causing Mischief Alarm is constantly buzzing. She doesn't even mind that she can't actually fit into some of the places she's exploring (she's currently underneath a kitchen chair)...because she knows that her shrieks and gripes will make mommy come running to save her (she's stuck...brb).

The bathroom, bedroom, and laundry room doors are always closed unless someone is in there. In which case the door in question must remain open so Squishy can perfrom her duties as The Baby Inspector. If she knows you're in the bathroom and you God Forbid close the door for a little privacy, she will sit outside that door and wail until you open it and apologize for your agregious actions.

And with that, I'm afraid The Baby Inspector herself is about to seize the computer from me. More latlaksjdlkjdkh;adsjfghfkjadgiuwEF'qnmd,vsdlfkawriogrwgng.

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