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Thursday, August 4, 2011

On My Own, Pretending He's Beside Me

This is turning into more of a challenge than I thought it would be. I never expected Husband to follow me blindly with my weight loss goals or healthy eating habits. I can't train a man how to eat, he's been eating that way his whole life. I can't guilt him into eating vegetables, he won't go near them. So how do I avoid temptation in my own home? I can't. It's everywhere. I'm not asking Husband to change, he is who he is. But I no longer feel comfortable buying foods I think are unhealthy.

Husband brought with him to our marriage, among other things, the Pizza Night tradition. Along with his bad education about what foods are good or bad, his extreme picky-ness, a candy/chocolate addiction, lack of enthusiasm toward vegetables except mashed potatoes, and our opposite eating habits, I had my work cut out for me when I decided that it was time to get rid of some baby weight. 

Husband: "You look fine, you're not fat."
Me: "I'm not looking for your opinion, dear. This is how I feel. I'm doing this for me."

I'm not one to bash tradition, so I went along with the Pizza Night. I like pizza, and it's a night I don't have to cook. Well, Pizza Night (every Friday) has become my gateway drug to making bad choices all weekend. I have made the decision to not part take in Pizza Night anymore.

Husband won't give up Pizza Night, saying it's one of his rights after a long week. Even if I offer to make dinner, he still wants his pizza and giant cookie. He has shown support, in his way, toward me and my healthy choices, but he won't go so far as to give something up that he likes to support me.  

I also don't like Husband's candy addiction. I don't want to enable this behavior, so I told him that I won't be buying candy at the store any more. I told him that I don't care what he eats. If he "needs" candy everyday like he says he does, he is responsible for purchasing his own treats. It would be appropriate to categorize his reaction as a "Hissy Fit". His argument was the time he spent at the store buying candy was taking time away from being with his family.  

I love Husband, but let's face it: I'm pretty much doing this on my own. I've taken to the internet in search of different ideas for getting healthy. Stay tuned...


  1. I felt that way with my husband for a long time. Every time I tried to get healthy he would sabotage me because he didn't want to give up the things he likes because I was trying to get healthy and didn't understand that by keeping all the junk in the house it hurt me. Yes I can avoid buying it but if he buys it and it's in the house it's much harder for me not to eat. Hang in there. You're working on healthy eating habits that will hopefully instill a lifetime of healthy eating for your daughter. That's finally what got the husband to start making changes. The memory of his dad getting a triple bypass and his desire to never put his child through it.

    I support you 100% and I think you're doing great!

  2. It's really nice to have someone that I know doing the same thing, almost to a T. New mommy, our babies are just a month apart. I think having Squishy and doing this for her is the reason I've stuck with it. Especially if her allergies don't go away, I'll have to seriously change to vegan which is gonna be really hard for the whole family. I don't want Husband to be sitting there eating pizza while Squishy and I are having veggie stir fry or something.

    Thanks for the support, I think you're doing great too!!!