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Friday, September 2, 2011

Learning How to Learn

As I'm sitting here on the couch contemplating my vast, complicated, and completely nuclear life as a 24 year old suburban House Manager...

Do I really want to go to school? Is it going to be worth it? Can I actually do it? Thing is, it's absolutely typical of me to come up with some theory for my life then proceed to grab the third rail with both hands. But when it comes to fruition, I get nervous, agitated, and I convince myself that it's never going to work the way it does in the movies.

It's all well and good when I'm going through the course catalog with Husband, reading class descriptions, filling out forms for financial aid, discussing how my credits are feasible for our situation.

"Yeah, one more class, just for the credits. I'm going to have to take it eventually."

Well, the premature feelings of accomplishment are slowly being taken over by those little pangs of struggle. My inner dialogue is currently debating the size of the bite I've managed to take, and if I'll be able to effectively chew and swallow it without choking or worse.

I'm learning how to learn all over again. Wasn't it I that just wrote about Sucking It Up? Maybe I should read my own post for motivation... It's all a balancing act, isn't it?

But, looking down at the tiny pink tennis shoe on the couch has just reminded me why I'm doing this in the first place. Bring it.

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