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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh Button, My Button

I feel bad that I didn't keep a detailed journal of my first pregnancy. I should do that next time around. Which is this time around. That's right, folks! I'm a preggie once more.

This is what I'm calling a planned surprise. All the literature and everyone I talked to said that it would take a few months for everything to get back to normal after an IUD removal. Being an expert planner, I got mine taken out in early September so the few months of trying would time out perfectly with age differences and our ultimate family plan.


It only took two weeks! I will not complain about this. I know how much trouble people can have getting pregnant. I could tour with my uber-fertility. Maybe in Vegas.

Anyway, there's a little Button on the way.

I can use all the preggie related tags again...Yea!

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