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Friday, November 11, 2011

Introducing Button Blogs!

I want to do my best to journal about my pregnancy with Button. I wanted to wait until after my first pre-natal appointment. So this will be the first Button Blog.

I'm almost 10 weeks and honestly compared to my first pregnancy it's been a breeze. I only have two issues that I've been battling: Nausea and Fatigue.

On the Nausea front: Not nearly as much throwing up as last time. In almost ten full weeks I've only thrown up twice. I have some level of nausea throughout the day but that is remedied by eating small bland snacks. Small bits of chicken or a pierogie if it's time for a meal. Otherwise a cracker or some Kix can help me get over a sickly feeling. It's nothing like my first pregnancy where I was puking 7 or 8 times a day and lost 10 pounds in my first trimester.

On the Fatigue front: I am back to the sleep schedule of someone with a newborn. I sleep when Squishy sleeps. I think some of the fatigue is because I have a 14 month old roaming around all day, but I'm still very tired at the end of the day even if I've had a two hour nap. Also, I'm having some insomnia at night. I'm certain this contributes to my daytime drowsiness.

The fatigue mixed with the nausea makes me a very poor house manager. Husband has picked up the slack and is taking very good care of his ladies.

It's getting to the end of the first trimester and I'm happy to say I've had two or three nausea-free days this week. I also had my first pre-natal appointment with my midwife and she said everything looks good. She found Button's heartbeat right where I said it would be. It's looking like Squishy and Button came from the same ovary!

My instincts are telling me Button is a girl. I'm basing this on the fact that I'm totally turned off by sweets. I am loving salty and sour and that happened with Squishy as well. I've also had two dreams that cast Button as a female tiny tiny. We will find out end of January!

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