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Monday, November 21, 2011

Squishy Short Story

"I'm gonna get the Baaaaay-by" is the right prompt if you want to hear a joyful squeal and hurried baby shuffles in this apartment. 

Squishy's favorite game is Hide-and-Seek. She has a total of ONE hiding spot. There is a one foot gap between her dresser and the wall. Usually her laundry basket is there but she has taken to emptying that as well as her dresser drawers so we just have to remember what is clean and what is not. Anyway, among the small pile of clothes is where she loves to hide. 

If you take too long to come find her, or if you try to look for her in other places she will giggle or clap as if to say "Hurry up and find me! I want to hide in this exact spot again!" 

The other night she demonstrated her dedication to this game. 

A friend of Husband and mine was over and she and I were chatting and Squishy was sitting just outside her bedroom. We had been playing and reading off and on all evening, but Husband wanted yet another round of the never changing game Hide-and-Seek. He gave Squishy the prompt "I'm gonna get the Baby." She was immediately filled with motivation to conceal herself and turned wildly to scurry away. 

Trouble is, one of the double doors of her bedroom was in her path. Her face slammed into the corner of the door with a deafening thud. She paused slightly, and the three adults waited for the shrieking. But Husband decided not to react to her sudden and obvious injury (no cut or anything, but it was a significant BANG), and repeated the phrase. 

Upon hearing her second warning that daddy was going to "get the Baby", she had a look of panic on her face due to wasted time. She was still in plain sight, and to her, this was simply not acceptable. She went around the door and hid with all her might. 

When she was found 10 seconds later, she emerged sporting a vertical red bump above her left eye and laughing. We were all laughing. 

This is a really good example of how children's reactions are based on parental reactions. Squishy looked at Husband after hitting her head. If he had looked scared or hurt, chances are she would have been very upset. He chose to ignore it and go on with the game. Afterwards, we checked her head more closely, but she was fine. 

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