Stories of life in the suburbs with Husband and our daughter Squishy and son Button!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Expert Mommy Turns One!

I have officially been blogging for a year! I averaged one post every three days and branched from stories to Baby Guide and Recipes that get equal or more views than the other posts. I've started walking, lost weight, and now I'm writing Button Blogs so I can keep memories of my second pregnancy forever in tact.

Expert Mommy's birthday coincidentally coincides with the new year. I'm not one for resolutions or reflections. I spent the day pondering predictions. I have one goal that's been sticking out in my mind for about two months and part of my feels like if I make it public maybe it'll carry more weight with me.

I want Button's birth to be natural. That is, no medications for pain.

I was even looking into a home water birth but Husband was not comfortable with the idea of not being in a hospital in case something happened. I knew the hospital I will deliver at didn't have big pools to labor and deliver in until my mom said that may change soon. I am hopeful once more.

I feel like I was not well prepared for the pain of labor with Squishy. Who can be prepared, right? Nobody can prepare you for something you've never done before especially if it's unique to you and your body. Well, now I've done it once before and I want to change my mind set and do it intervention-free this time.

So, in light of the New Year and the fact that I don't want my blog's birthday post to be a recipe (watch out for Tiramisu next week!) I will spend the coming months preparing myself and Husband for a natural childbirth.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stroller Angst

The following is a rant about my dream stroller: The Britax B-Ready. I've carefully chosen this item above all the others. I've had a few people listen to this rant and tell me to settle for something I would be 100% unhappy with. I knew that you, fellow Expert Mommies, would understand my aches and gripes about my situation. And if nobody ever reads this, it'll at least help my sanity a little before bed.

When I get the double stroller that I want, it'll be off Ebay or Craigslist. It retails for $400. Holy balls, right?

Also, it's sold as a single stroller. In order to make it into a double stroller, the second seat must be purchased. Retail $119-150.

Since Button will be using an infant carrier until (s)he is big enough to use the second seat, and the infant carrier we have now isn't the same brand or size or at all compatible with the stroller I have in mind, a new infant car seat will be purchased. Retail $189-229.

So...why the hell do I want this particular stroller and all the shit I'd have to buy with it?

Because it is simply the best.

I've been doing research on double strollers since before Button was conceived. I've watched other Expert Mommies with their double strollers the size of freight trains or as wide as my ass at 9 months gestation. I'm not having any part in that.

My dream double stroller is the size of a single in length and width. It also folds up smaller than my current single-seater travel system. It's beautiful. I will have it.

There is no way I'm paying retail, so I'm getting scrappy. But after four failed Ebay auctions for any of the three pieces, I'm stressed and discouraged. I'll find what I want, I just hope all the components match when I do. But I would rather take a cow print infant seat in a green stroller with a red second seat than a train stroller.

We are also in the process of buying a second convertible car seat for Husband's car. I'm making slow progress on that. I purchased a highly rated car seat for my car, and it's sub par in my opinion. The straps twist and it's too big. I'm looking into a few on Craigslist so hopefully I can cross that off my list by Friday.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Button Blog! 2nd Pre-Natal Visit

I am so glad that I know about the midwife practice at the hospital where I'll be delivering Button. My mom works there in Labor & Delivery and knows all the ins and outs and politics of the place. Although I probably won't have to use my mom to negotiate anything, it's really nice to have her as a source. If I have a question but I'm not too worried about it, I always call my mom first and see what she says. She knows that if she doesn't know the answer or is concerned, she tells me to call the midwife-on-call. So far we have been smooth sailing.

I'm still irked that I didn't get an early ultrasound. I know I got to hear Button's heartbeat at 9 weeks but I really like the visual of double confirmation with something this huge. It's getting easier to bear since our first and only ultrasound is less than 6 weeks away.

I just had my second pre-natal visit this week. Not a whole lot going on yet in terms of development. My weight is the same as it was last month which surprised me a little since my abdomen looks bigger. Ah, distribution of water is happening already...

Everything was measuring normal and for what it's worth, looked normal. I filmed the Doppler so Husband could hear Button's heartbeat later. I liked sharing that moment with him since he can't be at all the appointments like he was last time.

I made my next appointment with a different midwife so I can talk with them all about my birth plan and their opinions on certain things. Midwives are very natural birth, mama and baby oriented people. But I can't forget about hospital protocols and possible hurdles when it comes to what I want. This is my second tiny human and I want to make sure that we are ultra-prepared for Button's birth.

Nothing has changed as far as symptoms go this week. I'm getting more energy back, finally feeling like a House Manager again. Kitchen is still dirty, but all the laundry is done! I'm starting to get little twinges that are most likely ligaments stretching. No big deal. I'm drinking lots of water! Last time I didn't get stretch marks until after Squishy was born, and they are officially gone just in time to start over again.

More on Button as things develop....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Play Suite

My last month or so was harder than I thought it was...but I didn't notice until everything calmed down and gave me a chance to reflect. 

Thanksgiving, the end of my first trimester, my best friend's wedding, and the end of my semester at school were all happening simultaneously. 

I am officially on Winter Break from school. I was planning on taking next semester and the summer off to have Button and settle in a bit with having two kids. On my last day of class, however, my Argument professor, who has been poking around this blog a bit and may actually read this (Hi Dr. J!!!), made a very tempting offer. She's teaching a gender course starting January that sounds like a blast. It's not writing or test heavy, which makes me think that I can do it and concentrate on school and growing a person and being a full time House Manager all at the same time. 

I was wondering if she'd let me bring one of those exercise balls to sit on as I round the corner to full term since the chairs on campus probably won't permit a hefty preggie any comfort. Husband wants me to do it if I think I can do it. I want to, but I am still thinking about it. I've got a little time. 

I did all the laundry, vacuumed, put up our tree, cleaned out Squishy's closet and put 5 bags in storage and 5 bags in donations. I arranged Squishy's toys in a new play area I've dubbed "The Play Suite". Hopefully this will keep the toys confined to one half of the apartment instead of the entire apartment. We are on Day 2 of The Play Suite and it's going well so far! 

The Play Suite: Rocking horse, canvas tub of animals,
bookshelf, blocks, and big girl toys.
Don't forget the giant stuffed hippo.

She likes having all her books in the same place. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Button Blog! Second Trimester

I'm officially in the second trimester. I felt like the moment I turned 13 weeks I wasn't as tired as I have been. I also have more motivation to do things like dishes and laundry. That might be because I was avoiding homework or because I was scrambling to finish homework...

This pregnancy has been blissfully non-eventful. I wrote so many posts about being sick, losing weight, missing work when I was pregnant with Squishy...not so much to write about this time. At least, I can't turn it into an entertaining rant about vomit or heightened smelling sensations. Does the drastic difference mean Button is a boy? I don't know...

I have an appetite again which is great! I was getting sick of ramen and not enjoying it when I was eating it. I've made a few good meals recently. Husband appreciates that, he'd been eating a lot of hot dogs and frozen pizzas. I made carnitas and chicken alfredo. I am probably going to make soup today. This is really making me hungry.

Alright, I've made some food and I feel less hungry. I'll probably be hungry in a few minutes.

Is rambling a preggie symptom?