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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Button Blog! 2nd Pre-Natal Visit

I am so glad that I know about the midwife practice at the hospital where I'll be delivering Button. My mom works there in Labor & Delivery and knows all the ins and outs and politics of the place. Although I probably won't have to use my mom to negotiate anything, it's really nice to have her as a source. If I have a question but I'm not too worried about it, I always call my mom first and see what she says. She knows that if she doesn't know the answer or is concerned, she tells me to call the midwife-on-call. So far we have been smooth sailing.

I'm still irked that I didn't get an early ultrasound. I know I got to hear Button's heartbeat at 9 weeks but I really like the visual of double confirmation with something this huge. It's getting easier to bear since our first and only ultrasound is less than 6 weeks away.

I just had my second pre-natal visit this week. Not a whole lot going on yet in terms of development. My weight is the same as it was last month which surprised me a little since my abdomen looks bigger. Ah, distribution of water is happening already...

Everything was measuring normal and for what it's worth, looked normal. I filmed the Doppler so Husband could hear Button's heartbeat later. I liked sharing that moment with him since he can't be at all the appointments like he was last time.

I made my next appointment with a different midwife so I can talk with them all about my birth plan and their opinions on certain things. Midwives are very natural birth, mama and baby oriented people. But I can't forget about hospital protocols and possible hurdles when it comes to what I want. This is my second tiny human and I want to make sure that we are ultra-prepared for Button's birth.

Nothing has changed as far as symptoms go this week. I'm getting more energy back, finally feeling like a House Manager again. Kitchen is still dirty, but all the laundry is done! I'm starting to get little twinges that are most likely ligaments stretching. No big deal. I'm drinking lots of water! Last time I didn't get stretch marks until after Squishy was born, and they are officially gone just in time to start over again.

More on Button as things develop....

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