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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Button Blog! Second Trimester

I'm officially in the second trimester. I felt like the moment I turned 13 weeks I wasn't as tired as I have been. I also have more motivation to do things like dishes and laundry. That might be because I was avoiding homework or because I was scrambling to finish homework...

This pregnancy has been blissfully non-eventful. I wrote so many posts about being sick, losing weight, missing work when I was pregnant with Squishy...not so much to write about this time. At least, I can't turn it into an entertaining rant about vomit or heightened smelling sensations. Does the drastic difference mean Button is a boy? I don't know...

I have an appetite again which is great! I was getting sick of ramen and not enjoying it when I was eating it. I've made a few good meals recently. Husband appreciates that, he'd been eating a lot of hot dogs and frozen pizzas. I made carnitas and chicken alfredo. I am probably going to make soup today. This is really making me hungry.

Alright, I've made some food and I feel less hungry. I'll probably be hungry in a few minutes.

Is rambling a preggie symptom?

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