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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stroller Angst

The following is a rant about my dream stroller: The Britax B-Ready. I've carefully chosen this item above all the others. I've had a few people listen to this rant and tell me to settle for something I would be 100% unhappy with. I knew that you, fellow Expert Mommies, would understand my aches and gripes about my situation. And if nobody ever reads this, it'll at least help my sanity a little before bed.

When I get the double stroller that I want, it'll be off Ebay or Craigslist. It retails for $400. Holy balls, right?

Also, it's sold as a single stroller. In order to make it into a double stroller, the second seat must be purchased. Retail $119-150.

Since Button will be using an infant carrier until (s)he is big enough to use the second seat, and the infant carrier we have now isn't the same brand or size or at all compatible with the stroller I have in mind, a new infant car seat will be purchased. Retail $189-229.

So...why the hell do I want this particular stroller and all the shit I'd have to buy with it?

Because it is simply the best.

I've been doing research on double strollers since before Button was conceived. I've watched other Expert Mommies with their double strollers the size of freight trains or as wide as my ass at 9 months gestation. I'm not having any part in that.

My dream double stroller is the size of a single in length and width. It also folds up smaller than my current single-seater travel system. It's beautiful. I will have it.

There is no way I'm paying retail, so I'm getting scrappy. But after four failed Ebay auctions for any of the three pieces, I'm stressed and discouraged. I'll find what I want, I just hope all the components match when I do. But I would rather take a cow print infant seat in a green stroller with a red second seat than a train stroller.

We are also in the process of buying a second convertible car seat for Husband's car. I'm making slow progress on that. I purchased a highly rated car seat for my car, and it's sub par in my opinion. The straps twist and it's too big. I'm looking into a few on Craigslist so hopefully I can cross that off my list by Friday.

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