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Friday, January 6, 2012

Button Blog! Cravings

There's a doughnut sitting right next to the computer. I'm getting sick just looking at it.

I went to the store hungry and we all know that's a mistake when you're a normal person.

I'm a preggie and I went to the store hungry. Sorry, Husband, but I think I spent the week's grocery budget on cravings. What's a list, again?

I bought grapefruits and clementines since they're in season and Squishy likes them. The citrus is giving me heartburn...
I bought doughnuts for some stupid reason...I don't like doughnuts that much. Sometimes if Husband has a doughnut I take a bite and that's plenty.
As soon as I got home from the store the only thing I wanted was cucumber slices. Didn't buy a cucumber.

I want spicy! I want hot and toasty Italian subs with peppers. I want all the boneless buffalo wings I can find. I want endless enchiladas. Whenever I'm not drooling over a Taco Bell commercial I'm dying for some fresh strawberries (out of season), cucumber, carrots, and iceberg lettuce. I'd say that's a healthy balance between the good and the bad.

I guess we'll see how my eating habits are panning out after my 3rd pre-natal appointment. I haven't gained any weight yet which is fine because I wasn't the thinnest person to begin with!

Seriously, though...I need boneless buffalo wings stat.

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