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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cottage Cheese, I Will Never Forsake You

My cravings called for a revamp recently. I went on the search for my new food love, only to come up short again and again...

I am through the spicy phase since heartburn has kicked in with medium force. Not wanting to tempt it, I began my search for something...less burning.

I thought my brain (or my uterus, really they are one in the same these days) had been trying to tell me to eat something white but I had a time getting to the correct item. 

I started with bleu cheese dressing. I used it to dip my buffalo wings. Ah, the spicy affair with spice ended and I was forced to move on. 

Next was yogurt. I'm not a fan, but sometimes I dabble. But after three containers of Chobani vanilla bean sat in the fridge for a week and I was never tempted, it became clear I had again missed my mark. 

Perhaps sour cream? Nope! Gross.

Then, last week, Squishy and I were wandering the grocery store for inspiration (a horrible habit for a preggie to have). I saw it there, in the dairy isle. The cottage cheese section. We looked at each other. I had an overwhelming sense of knowing. 

Then came the task of choosing. I wasn't aware there were 17 different kinds of cottage cheese. I doubt that Little Miss Muffet had this much trouble....I went back to my roots. Old Home, the blue container. That's what mom always got. I was confident I had made the right choice.

Thus it came to be that my new food love is cottage cheese. And I'm going to eat it all. Especially since Squish is allergic and Husband won't go near it. Paired with apples, strawberries, or cucumber slices. Really, I've eaten it with anything and everything so far. It's the perfect little side dish. 

Cottage Cheese, it's been a long time. I'm glad we've found each other once again. 

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  1. I put it in my salads with a tiny bit of dressing. So good!