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Baby Guide

Baby Guide is where I write about my experiences with certain topics pertaining to raising Squishy. Husband and I always do our research before deciding together how to handle a situation. Always do your own research. Also, my ever present disclaimer goes here:

Disclaimer: You are an Expert Mommy. Always do what is best for your family in your situation.

I cover breast feeding tricks, tips, and products. 
I explain the whirlwind of the first few days of emotional adjustments with a newborn using a solid psychological explanation. 
A technique that got Squishy sleeping at least 8 hours every night by EIGHT weeks old. 
Baby's first cold can be a challenging time. I cover some tricks and a great non-medicated product that can ease a stuffy little nose.
Baby Guide: Extreme Eczema
Squishy's big battle to solve big skin issues.
Baby Guide: Starting Solids
What you should know before you start solid foods with your baby.
Baby Guide: Buying Used Baby Clothes
The pros and cons about buying used. (Mostly pros!)